Ann Arbor, MI (February 20, 2017) – The day after Valentine’s Day, Eve met Adam. A week later, it appears these potbellied pigs were made for each other.

Following up on a report of an abandoned pig living under a vacant trailer in Manchester Township, cruelty investigators from the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) arrived to find 182-pound Adam, an 8-year-old pot-bellied pig. Likely due to construction on the trailer, Adam was covered in insulation—and looked to be in rough shape.

After several creative attempts to get Adam to come out from under the trailer, HSHV investigators succeeded in pulling the abandoned pig to safety, and brought him back to HSHV for medical assessment and treatment. His severely overgrown tusks had caused mouth sores and even pierced through his lip.

HSHV located and contacted Adam’s previous owner who said he was unable to continue to care for him.

“Adam was a sickly shade of yellow because of the insulation,” says Naomi Smith, HSHV Cruelty Investigator. “And it was making his eyes water incessantly. But our staff got him all cleaned up, trimmed his hooves and tusks, and hand fed him his own special diet.”

“He’s slightly overweight,” Smith explains. “Fortunately, Eve doesn’t seem to notice.”

Eve, a 3-year-old pot-bellied pig weighing about 200 pounds was living on a poor diet of scraps and pastries before being rescued by SASHA Farm Sanctuary and Safe Haven for Animals. And on Wednesday, February 15, Adam met Eve.

Video: Adam arriving at SASHA Farm:

“We’d been looking for a friend for Eve,” says Mitch Goldsmith at SASHA Farm. “They all have their own personalities, and she was too submissive and didn’t get along with our other group of pot-bellies.”

Video: Eve welcomes Adam to their new home:

As seen in the video, Eve instantly took to Adam, following him around the yard. For the past week, they’ve been eating together and sleeping together in the same hut.

“Though it’s platonic,” jokes Smith. “Adam is castrated.”

“We’re monitoring their relationship,” says Goldsmith, “And right now, it looks like love at first sight.”

Adam and Eve, pot-bellied pigs

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