In June 2017, 2 weeks after moving into our first house, we decided to adopt a little puppy from the HSHV Love Train. We say “decided” lightly because it wasn’t really a decision, it was a given. It wasn’t the greatest timing, we had a LOT going on, but as soon as we met Josie (formerly Catwoman) we just knew she was a part of our family, and she instantly wiggled her way into our hearts – -where she will forever stay.

She had a bit of a rough start. She was spayed when we adopted her, and she ended up with a pretty nasty infection at her incision site. After a few vet visits, and some antibiotics she was good as new!

Since then she has flourished! She is INCREDIBLY smart. It might sound crazy, but you can really see her mind working!

We love her so very much, and cannot imagine our lives without her. She brings us so much joy, every day, and it breaks my heart to think of any other possible outcome for this little angel.

To all those considering adding a furry member to your family – I would encourage you to PLEASE adopt, don’t shop. You will not regret it, I promise!

Catwoman now Josie