At the beginning of Summer ’17, we had been scouring the HSHV website for weeks looking for a puppy. When Lady Godiva’s picture appeared on my computer screen, I got a nervous, but excited feeling in my stomach and sent the link to my husband. After work, we met at HSHV and raced quickly back to her kennel. We practically trampled another couple because we knew she was ours and rescued her right then and there at 8 weeks old.

She never spent a night in the shelter as she was previously taken care of by amazing foster parents whom we had the pleasure to meet by chance or fate at her first puppy vet appointment. We cannot thank them enough for taking the time to tirelessly walk her around the clinic during her first weeks of life because she had her days and nights mixed up. The support and love they gave her by instilling early potty training and socialization rituals set her up to be a loving, friendly, and dependable pet.

As a first time dog owner, I was completely frazzled the first night she spent with us. She was so mobile and could get into everything in sight. I will never forget the hours we spent outside in the day, rain, and middle of the night potty training. All of the work and responsibility is worth it, as she is a steadfast walking companion, total goofball, all-star fetcher and best couch snuggler. She only gets called by her middle name, “Godiva” when she finds mischief. She is a year and a half and has recently taken on a new role as a big sister to her human baby brother. Our family would not be complete without this little Lady and the helping hands from HSHV.


Lady Godiva now Lady