I had been looking for a dog for a couple of months after moving into my first house and had been visiting HSHV frequently. One Saturday afternoon in April 2017, after a hike, a friend and I stopped by HSHV just to look around. Lottie’s was the second to last kennel we walked by, and her eyes drew me in. I instantly fell in love with her. I took Lottie home two days later and we have been inseparable ever since. The day I brought Lottie home, she walked into my house and climbed right onto the couch. She made herself right at home. Since then, Lottie’s true personality has blossomed. She loves to cuddle under blankets, and does not like to get up in the morning, but when she is outside, she is alert, excited, and ready to adventure with me. I can’t imagine my life without her.