Thanks to successful intake prevention programs and community support for adoption, along with grants and wonderful donors, HSHV is able to transport animals — often puppies! — from struggling rescues and shelters with high euthanasia rates to HSHV via the Love Train.

Thank you for considering adopting and saving a life! The process for adopting Love Train animals is the same for all animals; first, you’ll complete an adoption profile (for puppies/dogs, for cats/kittens), then you’ll get a pass to visit the animals, and if there’s a match, you’ll meet with an adoption counselor. Typically, animals go home the same day, unless the animal needs something else (e.g., spay/neuter), or you need something else (e.g., other family members to meet the animal). The only difference is: Love Train animals (especially the puppies) tend to get adopted VERY quickly! See below.

Love Train puppies are lucky puppies and often adopted quickly! Sometimes, on Love Train days, there’s a line of loving adopters waiting even before we open. If you’re here before when we open at 11, please “Take a Number” from the stand outside (it will be out between 7:30-8:00 am) and return to the shelter at 11, when we open. We’d also suggest you have your adoption application already completed (for puppies/dogs, for kittens/cats), as we’re first-come, first-approved, first-adopted. You’ll turn your application in to us to get a pass to visit the animals. For the best adoption experience for you and the animals, we’ll limit the number of people visiting at any one time, and will admit people based on those Take-a-Numbers.

Please be sure to read the adoption criteria above and allow at least an hour if you plan on adopting. Applications are accepted up until 15 minutes prior to closing.

Almost always, you’ll take your animal home on the same day; however, some animals may need extra time with us for their spay/neuter surgery or other reason.

The Love Train typically comes 2-3 times a month. Often, the Love Train arrives on select Wednesday evenings, and when all goes as hoped, you can visit the animals on Fridays, when our adoptions department is open 11-7. See the schedule on this page, but please note the schedule is always subject to change; sign up for email updates!

Often, puppies are on the Love Train! And sometimes young adult dogs and even cats. Small breed dogs are common, too. We try to post a selection of the animals who will be onboard on our Facebook page and you can get email notifications with even more photos, too.  Fortunately, most of the animals are adopted very quickly so sometimes they’re only on our website for a minute!

When our animals go home, they’ve received an initial health check and have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations (as appropriate to their age) and have received their initial dewormer — and kittens and cats have been Feline Leukemia tested, and dogs have been heartworm tested and temperament tested. Every adoption also comes with a 30-day trial of pet illness and accident insurance, a discounted veterinary exam at the HSHV veterinary clinic, and access to our behavior helpline. Compare us to a pet store; it’s a good deal!

Adoption fees not only cover the above services, but also offset the cost of caring for the animals prior to being adopted. For Love Train animals, their fees also help offset transportation costs. Thank you for your adoption fee!


  • Love Train Puppies (under 6 months old) – $329
  • Love Train Small Breed Adult Dogs (6 months to 8 years) – $305
  • Love Train Medium-Large Breed Adult Dogs (6 months to 8 years) – $205
  • Love Train Senior Dogs (any size, 8 years or older) – $130
  • Love Train Kittens (up to 5 months) – $130
  • Love Train Cats (5 months to 12 years) – $90
  • Love Train Senior Cats (12 years or older) – $50

Thank you for asking!  We depend upon donations to keep the Love Train going full steam ahead to save more lives. To inquire about sponsoring a Love Train transport, please contact Cathy Pappas at (734) 661-3531 or email

While the Humane Society of Huron Valley primarily serves the residents of Washtenaw County, we occasionally take transfers from other organizations via our Love Train transport program.

In order to best serve these transfer animals while continuing to provide excellent service to the people and animals from our own county, we do have some requirements and guidelines for organizations wishing to transfer animals to us.

HSHV is very proud of our pitbull adoption program, and we are great lovers of the breed. We are currently working on Washtenaw County’s pitbull overpopulation, and will not be able to accept any pitbulls or pitbull mixes as transfers from other areas. This also includes dogs listed as other breeds, but have a pitbull-like appearance.

Transfers will only be considered when our shelter has enough space to healthily and humanely house them.

In order to avoid any unnecessary stress that an animal may go through by way of transfer, we can only accept healthy or easily treatable animals– those who have the best chance of finding a loving home.

HSHV also has specific medical and behavioral requirements of shelters wishing to transfer animals.

If you have any questions regarding this process, HSHV’s transfer policies, or to inquire about transferring an animal or participation in the Love Train transfer program, please contact our Intake Manager Karie McMahon at

First, thank you for adopting!  We’d love to stay connected.  Head to Facebook and join the group “HSHV’s Love Train”.  There, you’ll see other Love Train-ers  – adopters, fosters, partners… and potentially others who know your animal or who know your animal’s sibling!


Expected future dates to see Love Train animals are:

  • Friday, November 16 (Adoptions is open 11-7)
  • Friday, November 30 (Adoptions is open 11-7)
  • Friday, December 7 (Adoptions is open 11-7)
  • Friday, December 21 (Adoptions is open 11-7)