Nine years ago we decided to get another dog after a previous bad experience with our first dog (our young son was attacked/bitten but OK). Our son was still anxious about another dog so we wanted to get a puppy this time, one with a hopefully a more calm and submissive temperament. We saw Max/Ollie and his sister together at the shelter; they were just a few months old. The female was very rambunctious, climbing all over her brother, nipping him and the cage, etc. We decided to visit with her brother “Max” since he was was very calm, especially for a puppy. He was so cute and beautifully gentle. He just sat in my daughter’s lap sweetly. That was it; we fell in love, and he came home with us. His gentle and lovable personality quickly eased our son’s fears. Ollie is cherished by our family and everyone that meets him. He’s a gentle soul and we could not be happier having him in our family!


Max now Oliver (Ollie)