Dudley was a puppy mill rescue who ran away from another rescue (reportedly). An HSHV volunteer found him (fortunately). The “rescue” decided to leave him with HSHV (thankfully!).

I fostered him for a year where he formed a tight bond with my Westie, Isabelle. Dudley would never be able to be adopted as, along with other behavioral problems, he barely even let me pick him up. So, he became “a foster failure.”

Isabelle passed three years ago and though he missed her, he finally started bonding with me.

I got another rescue, Teddy, who is very lovable. Dudley finally decided he wanted attention, and after six years, he loves morning scratches and belly rubs and doesn’t leave my side.

He’s probably about 13 or so, and he though he still has some quirks, he is finally the dog he should have been and gets lots of love (even when he thinks he doesn’t want it!).

I’m so grateful that HSHV gave me the opportunity to give this formerly abused pup a loving home!


Mikey now Dudley