[Warning: Graphic photos to aid in recognition below]

Ypsilanti Township, MI (February 3, 2016) –  The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) is offering a $500 reward to anyone providing information leading to prosecution in the case of two starved, deceased dogs found dumped alongside the north side of the I-94 service drive between Desoto and Hudson Streets in Ypsilanti Township.

On Wednesday, January 27, following up on a citizen complaint that a pile of trash had been left roadside on the south side of the woods in the West Willow subdivision, Ypsilanti Township public services employees dispatched for illegal trash removal attempted to clean-up what they believed to be sleeping bags. Finding them excessively heavy, staff unrolled the sleeping bags and reported “nearly vomiting” at the sight of two deceased dogs with their ribcages and bones showing through their skin.

Cruelty investigators from the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) were contacted.

The emaciated pit bull mix dogs were frozen to the blanket they were wrapped in. One male and one female; neither had tags nor any form of identification, and neither had been sterilized. The unaltered male had a light brown body with white on his chest, neck, chin and paws. The unaltered female was chocolate brown in color with a small white circle on her chest.

“They’re about four (4) years old, so someone has to know their story,” says Aaron Soyring, cruelty investigator at HSHV. “It appears they were allowed to starve and possibly freeze to death.  They didn’t get this skinny overnight, and there’s really no excuse for this. Someone was obviously trying to cover up their actions.”

“Sadly, animal cruelty is common even in a community largely filled with animal lovers, like ours,” says Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV’s CEO. “Even so, it is shocking when we see dogs callously starved to death and thrown out like trash. It’s not just that this is illegal or sickening, but research has shown us that those who act cruelly toward animals are often involved in other criminal activity and are a danger to people, or may become so in the future.  There are strong correlations between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.”

“Anyone who comes forward will not only be speaking for these dogs, who deserve justice—but also may prevent this from happening to others,” says Soyring.

HSHV is asking for anyone who may have witnessed trash being dumped in that area or anyone with information on the dogs or their possible owner to please contact the HSHV cruelty and rescue department at 734-661-3512 or submit a confidential report at hshv.org/crueltyreport.

Deceased dogs found dumped roadside in Ypsi Township


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