One year ago, my husband and I went to HSHV to “just look” at the puppies who came off the Love Train. That’s when we saw “Aeries” a.k.a., Luna. We immediately fell in love with her “baby blues” and could not resist. We brought her home where her big fur brother, Stitch, was eagerly waiting. Long story short, he was not very fond of the bouncing puppy. She even has a small scar to prove it. We told ourselves that we would give it 2 weeks, and if it still didn’t work out, we would have to face the unfortunate.

They bonded fiercely over that 2 weeks and are now inseparable. They sleep together, eat out of the same bowl, and wrestle like they’re in the WWE. Luna is now a one year old, curious, playful, 35 lb ball of energy. She really was the perfect addition to our family, and my husband and I could not have asked for a better little sister for our fur boy. Thank you, HSHV, for helping us find our little girl.

#WhoRescuedWho #adoptdontshop


Aries now Luna