My daughter and I came to HSHV to look at a kitten that we saw on the HSHV website; we had decided that we wanted to get a short-haired kitten. We walked around the different cat rooms and found the cat we came to visit. While we were waiting to visit with the kitten, we saw a cat who hadn’t been named yet, who was meowing and sticking his paw out of the cage door. We went over to say hi and instantly fell in love! He was an adult, very long-haired cat… not at all what we thought we wanted! He was a stray who hadn’t been cleared to have visitors yet, so we had to wait a couple of days to visit with him. We went home and came back the next day to introduce him to our other family members, who, of course. fell in love with him right away, too! But, yet, we still could not visit with him.

I was so nervous that someone else would get to visit with him first, so the next morning I got to HSHV before the doors were unlocked and waited for them to open and pretty much ran right to him, visited with him, and then we were able to adopt him!!! It really goes to show that even though we thought we knew what type of cat would fit in our family, it wasn’t it at all! Sometimes, they find you!! We are sooo happy to have just celebrated 2 years with our boy!!!


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