About four years ago, my family and I went to HSHV. When we went past the cat communal rooms, I saw a cat who made me stop walking and look into the window. The cat was bone-thin, all his ribs showing. According to his kennel card, he had just arrived at the shelter. He looked scared. My parents agreed to let me go in the room with him to see if he would be our new cat. It felt like forever when the HSHV staff opened the door. I walked over to the window seat. The cat came over, curious. His tail curved into the ‘Pet me!’ shape. I sat next to him on the bench. He purred loudly and curled up on my lap. My parents couldn’t say no. We adopted the sweet tuxedo cat!

His name is now Oreo. By the way, I almost named him Boney, but I am so glad I didn’t because now he weighs around 20 pounds! My favorite thing he did in the past was hilarious! I had just made myself scrambled eggs for breakfast. I put the plate on the table and went to the kitchen to get a fork. Oreo had gotten on my chair and was feasting on my breakfast. I was mad at the time, but now I remember how funny it was. I love Oreo. He’s my cat.


Chester now Oreo