My boyfriend and I had been looking for a cat for a while, and we had gotten into the habit of looking on the adoptable pets section of the HSHV website, picking a few to look at, then going in to meet them. We picked out a few cats to meet, then went to meet them. We are looking for the first cat on our list when we walked by Doctor Smolder Bravestone. He began to rub his head against the edge of the cage as soon as he saw us, and we knew we had to pet him. As soon as we got the cage open, he was soaking up the attention. He have me a little head boop, and my heart was taken. We took him home that day.

He was a little shy at first and found a lot of comfort in hiding under the couch. It took him a few days to come around, and now he is always near, looking for snuggles. Here is our most recent family photo. All is well.


Dr. Smolder Bravestone now Doc