I lost my best friend.

He died in my arms, and I didn’t think I would ever find another best friend as fast as I did… but apparently Gabriel needed me. That’s why God took Fred, my 15 year old Senegal parrot.

From the minute I walked in and laid eyes on Gabriel, I knew we were a perfect match, as he laughed and talked about in his own special little language. He told me, “Papa, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you to come get me.” I promised him I would be back. I did not tell him goodbye, I told him see you later, and three hours later I was back there to get him.

He is now home with me having the best time of his life. He has opened up to my children, to myself, to his sister Rose (a five year old, the doggy de Bordeaux otherwise known as a French mastiff), also his baby sister Zoe (a 1 year old chihuahua mixed with pitbull LOL). Just don’t ask about his brother Mr. Who is a 4 year old cat we took in. 🙂 )  We are all getting along and having a good old time watching birds in Paradise right now. He has been laughing and chatting about and telling everybody how happy he is to be here. At this time I’d like to tell Jessica and all the staff up there, “Thank you so much for myself, my family and, of course, Gabriel. Thanks again.”