Humane Wildlife Removal: (734) 661-3512

Need an unwanted intruder evicted from your home or garage and want it done with compassion and skill, without causing the animal injury or unnecessary harm? HSHV offers Humane Wildlife Removal Services for Washtenaw County residents.

Let us help you resolve your wildlife conflict with compassion and know-how. Our rates are extremely affordable and our care is truly humane. Plus, every cent goes back to help homeless, injured and abused animals!

Call us for a consultation today: (734) 661-3512

Please leave a detailed message including your phone number, the problem you are having, your location (city and street) and the best time to reach you. Your phone call will be returned by one of our professional team members. Services are available between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm April 1 through September 30, and from 8 am to 6 pm October 1 through March 31. Please note: Spring, summer, and sometimes fall can be extremely busy for our rescue department. Injured and orphaned animals come first, so we regret we may not always be available right away. 

If you have a sick or injured animal please call our FREE 24-hour Animal Rescue Line at (734) 661-3512. The services listed on this page are only for healthy animals that need to be humanely removed and released onsite. Thank you.

Services Available

  • Guidance and education for humanely deterring animals away from residences (See also HSUS. HSUS is not related to HSHV)
  • Deceased animal pick-up
  • Humane removal (using humane methods and live-traps) and release onsite of the following animals:

Please note: We do not remove animals from yards.

Our Basic Fees

  • $75 for consultation and immediate animal removal ($35 for each additional animal)
  • $25 extra will be charged for set-up and removal of a humane live trap.

Sorry, we cannot provide:

  • Animal proofing or repairs to buildings or lawns
  • Clean-up of animal waste or odor removal
  • Insect removal or application of repellents of any kind
  • Removal of nuisance mice, rats, or moles, chipmunksfoxes, geesedeer, or rabbits (But click on the links for ideas and help)
  • Removal of animals off your property line, due to legal regulations
  • Assistance outside of Washtenaw County

What to Do If You Find Sick, Injured, or Abandoned Wildlife

  • In most cases, leave the animal alone. Contact an appropriate agency (HSHV, Friends of WildlifeHelp 4 Wildlife, or Bird Center of Washtenaw County) for advice. HSHV is available 24 hours a day rescue involving sick or injured wildlife.
  • Never offer ANY food or liquid (including milk and water) to the animal without first consulting an expert.
  • If the animal appears to be an abandoned baby in immediate danger, it is okay to place it in a dark, warm, quiet place while you wait for advice from Emergency Rescue staff or wildlife rehabilitator.
  • Remember, it is illegal to keep/rehabilitate wildlife unless you are a certified wildlife rehabilitator. While you may mean well, animals that are rehabilitated without the knowledge of a certified wildlife rehabilitator will not survive when released back into the wild.
  • If it’s an adult deer that’s been hit by a car, please call both us (734) 661-3512 and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch (734) 994-2911.

Wildlife Rescue

Our partnership with wildlife rehabilitators has saved thousands of lives. If you have a general question or would like information on wildlife, please call the resources listed.

IMPORTANT: If you have a sick or injured wild animal, call HSHV first at (734) 661-3512!