I adopted Mo (formerly Headley) from Tiny Lions. I just lost an old cat who was the love of my life, but I still had a younger, energetic cat who hadn’t had an energetic playmate, so that’s what I set out to find.

Mo is a great playmate; they love to chase each other around. When he first came home with me, he went into meltdown if I tried to trim his nails, and he wasn’t fond of being brushed either. Just over a year later, he trusts me to do just about anything, and wherever I am, he is. If I am in bed, he is sleeping on the pillow next to me. If I am in the living room, he is next to me. On the computer? Right next to me. He came from a hoarding situation, and he had some scrappy habits when he first got here, but they are mostly gone (he still eats too fast, as if some other cat will move in and take all of his food — which is the opposite of my other cat who tries to stay out of Mo’s way when food is involved.)

I love him to pieces.

Headley now Modigliani (Mo)