My husband and I always talked about getting a dog. We decided to put in an application and heard back the next day about coming and and looking for a dog. We came in to the humane society the next day to just look. We looked at all the dogs, and I saw this puppy that was sleeping and was like, “I want to see and hold her.”

My husband went and asked one of the volunteers and she got Honey (the name given there) out for us and put us outside with her, and handed her to me while she was waking up. As soon as she was awake, my husband and I sat down on the ground with her, and she climbed into my lap and started giving me kisses. I instantly melted.

We started calling her Mocha Espresso Latte right away, and it just stuck. She went over to my husband and did the same thing to my husband. We both were sure that we wanted to start the adoption process with her.

When we gave her back to the volunteer, I told her, “We will be back for you,” and she gave us the saddest eyes. We went up to the desk and did everything we had to. We got a call that Tuesday that she had her surgery and would be ready to be picked up on Wednesday. We came back about 30 minutes before opening and waited. Once they opened, we sat down for an hour or so and given all the information we needed to know about her. Once they brought her out in the towel, she saw us and her tail started wagging. We knew that she had remembered us.

When we brought her home to all these toys and everything, we were over the moon. The next day, I started teaching her “sit”, “down”, her name, and where to go potty. She learned everything so fast. We brought her to my parents’ house, and they fell in love with her also. She has brought my anxiety and panic attacks so low in the 9 days we have had her. I registered her as an emotional support animal and I am beyond thankful and in love with everything she has done not just for me but for my husband and extended family. She is such a social, loving, cuddly, helpful and sweet dog already. We have grown so attached to her. We want to thank the Humane Society and everyone there for everything that they have done to help us and make sure that we have and know everything we need to.


Honey now Mocha Espresso Latte Yang