Four weeks ago, my boyfriend and I came to HSHV “just to look” at the dogs they had. As soon as we came up to his cage and saw Sam (then Lassen) for the first time, we fell in love. He came right up to us and rested his head in our hands. We took him for a walk and played with him for awhile before leaving, and then all night could not stop thinking about him!

I was so sure he was going to get adopted by someone else before we were ready to take him later that week. I came back to put a hold on him and visit him each day as he had some medical complications and couldn’t go home with us yet. Sam first came home for a “pajama party” but less than 24 hours into it we went back to sign the adoption papers because we just knew he was meant to be our dog!

He is the absolute sweetest boy and I am so thankful to HSHV for caring for him until we were able to find him and love him! He has settled into his new home very well and is extremely smart, already learning many new commands and tricks. He has charmed everyone he’s met so far, and we constantly have strangers asking if they can pet our dog! Sam especially loves visiting with kids and seems to know not to jump up or be rough with them. He is definitely an ambassador for bully breeds and rescue dogs.
It’s only been three weeks since our adoption but Sam has already changed our lives and we are so happy to have him as a part of our family!


Lassen now Sam