Our story begins a little sad. We lost 2 of our 3 dogs, within a month of each other. One very suddenly with no real reason why, and the other due to old age. We didn’t feel ready for another pup yet, but decided to go see the Love Train one Friday evening, thinking all the puppies would be adopted, but we would get a feel for what to expect and ask all the questions so we would be prepared for the next Love Train.

We got there and were directed back to the puppies, to find out there were about 4-5 male puppies left. We saw a few, but both our girls lit up when they saw Reggie. He was the only one with TONS of energy after what I’m sure was a busy day! We met him, and all 4 of us cried, and we knew we had to get him. He was, and still is the perfect mix of the 2 boys we lost. He’s so goofy and VERY smart! He’s clever and he’s so good with the girls and all the family who have come to meet our new addition!

He has brought so much joy to our house after our house had gone through so much sorrow and pain. Our other dog is so much more like a puppy even though she’s 12! They wrestle together and play in the yard all the time. It’s amazing to see the difference in her!

We cannot thank you enough for allowing us the honor of adopting such a wonderful boy. We plan on adopting another in the next year or so!! Thank you!!


Reggie now Bowser