It had been 4 years since our family last had a kitty. For my 40th birthday present, I was given the best gift of all: the chance to visit the Humane Society of Huron Valley to hopefully adopt a kitten.

Talia (formerly Wilma) was the first and only kitten I held. Her markings are so striking that I fell in love instantly. She settled into my arms as I held her, and I just had to look into her eyes and knew she was coming home with me.

Even though I just adopted her on Saturday (5/24/19), I just knew she’d be perfect. She’s still getting used to her new home and to us but so far I’ve been able to hold her, pet her and play with her.

She’s so gentle with her paws when she puts them on you and she hasn’t bitten or scratched.

We love her to pieces!


Wilma now Talia